For Students

For Students

Disability Services provides an array of services to students with disabilities at Marine Institute. The following list details some of those services.

However, depending on individual and situation, other services will be available.

  • Campus orientation and in-take interview
  • Academic accommodations for tests and exams, including the Math Placement Test and online courses
  • Wheelchair desk
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Disability awareness activities for faculty, staff, and students
  • Access to parking accommodations
  • Academic skills and learning strategy sessions throughout the school year

Memorial University’s Policy on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities states the following:

All requests for Accommodation must be based on documented need. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting an Accommodation to provide the necessary documentation to Disability Services. Documentation must be obtained from qualified clinicians, consultants,  medical doctors, psychologists, audiologists, rehabilitation counselors, or other professionals who have specific training, designation, expertise, and/or experience and who are considered by the University qualified to assess the nature of the Disability/Disabilities for which Accommodation is being requested.

The full procedure document can be viewed here.

The policy document can be viewed here.

Intake Interview Form

The Intake Interview Form is an opportunity for students to review their psychological assessment with their Student Affairs Officer, as well as to discuss any needs and concerns that need to be addressed. During this interview, students can inform their Student Affairs Officer of any updates that have been made to their assessment, and review their academic history to identify any potential aids that may be available to them.

* It is the student's responsibility to notify the Student Affairs Officer of any courses that he/she drops throughout the semester.

New Students
  • New students who require academic accommodations must arrange to meet Charlotte Dove, Student Affairs Officer, for an intake interview. Intake Interview Form
  • Once the student has completed the intake interview, he/she will be provided an Information Release Form to present to instructor(s). A copy of this form will be kept on file in Student Affairs; as well, the student will be given a copy.
  • The student will receive an orientation on the accommodations process, including how and when to apply for testing accommodations. ‌
Returning students

Students already registered with Disability Services should identify themselves to Disability Services at the beginning of every semester, since new Information Release forms must be completed at the start of each semester.