Medicals Information


In order for you to be eligible to register for your courses, all medical documentation must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the start of registration.

CAPP Medical

Please print these guidelines and bring them to your physician and request that the medical is completed in accordance with these guidelines. The physician should then complete the Fitness Certificate in Section 5.6 of Atlantic Canada Medical Assessment for Fitness to Work Offshore and provide it to the student.

Download the PDF: Atlantic Canada Medical Assessment for Fitness to Work Offshore.

The student should forward a copy of the Fitness Certificate to the Marine Institute.

Transport Canada Medical

The following medicals are required according to program:

Program Transport CanadaCAPP
Marine Engineering  
Nautical Science  
Marine Environmental  
Ocean Mapping  
Fire Rescue  
Marine Diesel Mechanics  
Bridge Watch  
Underwater Vehicles/ROV  
Marine Engineering Systems Design
No Medical Required

Naval Architecture