Our Team

Management and Administration
  • Ed Durnford, Interim Head of School
    Telephone: 709-778-0428
  • Dinah Helpert, Administrative Assistant
    Telephone: 709-778-0441
Community Based Education Delivery
  • Craig Parsons, Director
    Telephone: 709-778-0447
  • Barbara Hunt, Departmental Program Coordinator
    Telephone: 709-778-0404
  • Randy Pittman, Coordinating Instructor - Nunavut
    Telephone: 867-979-7227
Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources
Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development
Centre for Fisheries and Ecosystems Research
  • Tom Brown, Administrative Director
    Telephone: 709-778-0336
  • Bonita Power, Secretary
    Telephone: 709-778-0532
Program Personnel