What is the cost of the Program?

Please refer to the current University Calendar for details of Program costs and payment deadlines.

How many courses do I have to complete to get my degree?

Both the Technology and Maritime Studies programs consist of 39 credit hours, made up of 12 courses plus the Technical Project and Report (MSTM 410A/B). For more information view the program tutorial video.

Is there any order in which I must complete the courses?

There is no specific order, however some courses are prerequisites for others. The Technical Project and Report is usually completed at the end of the BTECH/BMS Programs.

How long will it take to complete the Program?

Students registered on a full-time basis may complete the Program in one academic year, that is three semesters. Students may normally register for one to five courses in any semester and there are three semesters in each academic year. Special permission can be granted for individuals wishing to take additional courses in a particular semester.

How do I find out if I can obtain credit for similar courses that I have previously completed?

Questions regarding the transfer credit evaluation process or the status of a transfer credit evaluation may be directed to the Evaluations Officer in the Office of the Registrar by e-mail at or by phone at (709) 864-4423. If you have received credit for a course completed during your diploma program, you will be required to do a course in its place.

For example, if you receive credit for Statistics 2500 because you have completed a Statistics course in your diploma program, you will have to complete a course in its place. Students usually choose another course from the elective list. If you do receive credit for any course completed outside of your technology diploma, you do not have to complete another course in its place.

Can I transfer or complete any courses from another university and use them towards the degree?

Students must complete at least 30 credit hours (ten courses) at this university. This means a student may complete a total of nine credit hours (three courses) at other universities. These credit hours must be transferable to Memorial University and must be part of the Bachelor of Technology Program. MSTM 410A/B must be completed at Memorial.

When should I complete my Technical Project and Report (MSTM 410A/B) for either the Bachelor of Technology and/or Bachelor of Maritime Studies?

The Technical Project and Report is completed over two semesters. During the first semester, students complete MSTM 410A. Note: MSTM 4060 is a pre-requisite to MSTM 410A. At the end of this course, they will have completed and received approval for a project concept and project proposal. The project is completed and the report is submitted during the second semester when students complete MSTM 410B. Students should complete most of the 12 courses before enrolling in MSTM 410A. A Marine Institute instructor has been assigned to help you before and during your MSTM 410A/B semesters. A complete set of details are on the Technical Project (MSTM 410A/B) web site.

Books: How do I purchase my books? Please Read Carefully.

If you are in the St. Johns area, you can pick up your text books in persons at the MUN Bookstore. You can also order your textbooks online. Make sure that you choose the correct course and the correct course section as not all sections of a course use the same textbook.

Can I complete courses in the Program while working on board a vessel?

Courses can be completed while working on board a vessel if the vessel is equipped with an Internet connection.

Is there a time limitation on completing the Program?

There is no time restriction on completing the course requirements for the degree program.

Does the Program have a residency requirement?

No. As a BTECH and/or BMS student you are not required to physically come to the Memorial University and study for any length of time. Both Programs are fully available online.