Bachelor of Technology Program Changes


Effective September 2017 The Bachelor of Technology program will be changing:

  • MSTM 410 A/B - Technical Project Report multi semester course will be removed and replaced it with the new single semester core course MSTM 4400 - Technological Assessment Project.

Students currently enrolled in the program will have two options available to them.

Option Number 1

Students may complete the existing MSTM 410 A/B combination, however, the final course offering for MSTM 410B will be during the Spring 2018 semester. This means that you will have to start MSTM 410A no later than Winter 2018.

Option Number 2

Students may complete the new MSTM 4400, however, you must have completed all the prerequisites prior to taking this course which include MSTM 4019, MSTM 4040, MSTM 4060 and MSTM 4025 (or stats equivalent). The prerequisites cannot be taken concurrently with MSTM 4400.

Below is a summary of the new courses being added to the program.

New Course Descriptions

4019 Research Methods will examine the fundamental steps in the process of doing research. It will provide students with the necessary information and tools to conduct technical research and communicate their findings. This course will examine how to define a research project, how to prepare a research proposal, how to select a research methodology, how to collect and analyze data and information, and how to prepare a research project report.

PR: None

4025 Applied Statistics will enable the student to use descriptive statistics to report data findings, to make statistical inferences using appropriate data analysis, and to use, and interpret the output from, statistical software.

PR: None

4400 Technological Assessment Project will provide students with the opportunity to conduct an assessment and implementation plan of a technical project in their area of interest. Students will utilize the knowledge that they have obtained in the required courses and incorporate this knowledge into a final project paper.

PR: MSTM 4019, 4040, 4060, and 4025 or Statistics 1510 or 2500 or equivalent

CR: MSTM 410 A/B, the former MSTM 4000, the former MSTM 4100, the former MSTM 4200 and the former Technology 4000