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MI researchers are leaders in the ocean space. From informing policy decisions to publishing in highly regarded peer reviewed journals, our investigators are impacting how we understand the oceans that surround us. What sets our researchers apart is how intertwined they are with our industry partners. Doing high quality science with an applied focus insures the work they do has an impact on Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and the world.

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Research Supervisors
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Noel Cadigan
Dr. Noel Cadigan

Fish stock assessment, reference points, ecological statistics

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CFER Website

Marie Clement
Dr. Marie Clement

Human impacts on riverine habitat and fish populations, efficiency of mitigation CFER Website

Jonathan Fisher
Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Shifting distributions and population dynamics, fisheries productivity, food web interactions, marine macroecology Personal Site

Maxime Geoffroy
Dr. Maxime Geoffroy

Bioacoustics, marine ecology, pelagic fish, North Atlantic, Arctic, oceanography Google Scholar


CFER Website
Arnault Le Bris
Dr. Arnault Le Bris
Climate and fisheries, animal telemetry, life history Personal Site
Sherrylynn Rowe
Dr. Sherrylynn Rowe
Stock assessment, ecology, life history, groundfish and marine invertebrates CFER Website
Fan Zhang
Dr. Fan Zhang
Ecosystem change and population dynamics, stock assessment, management strategy evaluation CFER - OCI Chair website
Paul Winger
Dr. Paul Winger
Harvesting technology, fish behaviour, sustainable fisheries

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Twitter: @WingerPaul

Scott Grant
Dr. Scott Grant
Marine ecology, sustainable fisheries, fisheries development of underutilized species, life history characteristics

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Brett Favaro
Dr. Brett Favaro
Fishing gear, conservation, policy, climate change

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Twitter: @LetsFishSmarter

Shannon Bayse
Dr. Shannon Bayse
Fishing gear, fish behavior, conservation engineering, fish physiology

CSAR Website

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Deepika Dave
Dr. Deepika Dave
Bioprocessing and Biotechnology, Waste Management and Pollution Remediation, Biofuel production

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 Katleen Robert
Dr. Katleen Robert

Seafloor and habitat mapping, ocean characterization, spatial ecology, acoustic surveying, image analysis, photogrammetry and ocean technology

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